Economy 3D Printing Filament Extrution Line

Economy 3D Printing Filament Extrusion Line

3D Printing Filament Extrusion

Features of Economy 3D Printing Filament Extrusion Line

  • Reliable components for maintenance free filament extrusion.
  • Stable extrusion pressure (+/-0.1MPa) to produce even diameter¬†3D printer filaments.
  • Proven screw design for very good melt quality,¬†minimum crystal point guaranteed.
  • PLC controlled with sophisticated programing for precise processing parameters and repeatability.
  • Filament storage mechanism for stable line production and changing the coil.
  • Swinging wheels for stable tension in filament coiling, with programed cushion mechanism to avoid shock.
  • Coiling speed and storage speed are programmable and works automatically.


Specifications of Economy 3D Printing Filament Extrusion Line

DescriptionUnitTESI 35TESI 45
Screw daimetermm3545
Length over diameterL/D2828
Screw speedrpm0 - 1070 - 107
Line speedm/min0 - 1500 - 150
Max. outputkg/h1835
Filament diametermm1.75 / 3.001.75 / 3.00
Diameter tolerancemm+/- 0.01+/- 0.01
Extruder motorkW7.515
Installed powerkW3845
Storage capacitym100100
Machine sizemm9600x1520x24009600x1520x2400