Engineering Details in HARDEN 3D Filament Extrusion Lines

Engineering Details and Features

Motor and Gearbox

HARDEN small extruders are equipped with Nord motors and gearboxes, which directly driving the screw. The configuration quarant low noise (less than 60db) , stable operation and stable extrusion pressure togeether with our special screw design.

Extruder Motor & Gearbox


Filament Extrusion Die

To produce filament for 3D printing, a tight tolerance of filament diameter and roundness is very important. Our extrusion tooling meet this tough requirement by computer simulated design together with a top quality thermal couple and PID controller to guarantee temperature fluctuation within ±1°C.


Filament Extrusion Die


Gauging and Filament Hall-off

Every line is equipped with a laser gauging device for on-line real time measuring of filament diameter, which configured a close loop control system together with the haul-off motor. This cutting edg gauging and control system guarantees ±0.01mm diameter precision.

The haul-off machine is equipped with a servo motor for precise and stable hauling torque, no matter the system runs in low speed or high speed.

Filament Hall-off


Extrusion Line Control

The control system includes a Siemens PLC with touch screen interface. The control interface is designed for easy understanding and real time processing data. Displayed graphics include filament diameter, extrusion pressure, and temperature. All curves can be printed out. The system will give an alarm when processing data exceed the limit, and of cause, emergency switch is equipped for safety.

PLC % Touch Screen Control


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