Lab Scale Desk-top Small Extrusion Line

Lab Scale Desk-top Small Extrusion Line for 3D Printing Filament Production

Harden developed a desk top version of our famous 3D printing filament extrusion line. The desk top extrusion line is specially designed for small lab scale production for R&D projects and for demo in universities and research centers.

desk top extrusion

Features of Desk-top Filament Extrusion Line

  • Touch screen operation, real time monitoring processing data of each working zone.
  • Precision temperature control using PID mechanism.
  • Close-loop filament diameter control with laser gauging instrument and a puller driven by a server motor.
  • Tidy filament coils  thanks to the tension balancing device controlled by a tension inverter on the coiler.

Technical Data of Desk-top Filament Extrusion Line

DescriptionUnitTESI 16
Screw diametermm16
Screw LengthL/D25
Screw speedrpm0 - 115
Haul-off speedm/min0 - 10
Max. Outputkg/h2
Filament diametermm1.75
Diameter torlerancemm+/- 0.01
Extruder powerkW2.2
Installed powerkW5.7
Machine sizemm2240x880x1650